Student Showcase

The Annual Student Showcase will be held at the end of the day on Friday, March 3rd in the SCAD Museum of Art Theater. Students currently enrolled at SCAD are invited to submit their work to the annual student showcase. Work will be judged by top industry professionals and winners will be awarded at the end of the event, honoring the hard work of students.

Lectures & Panels

The purpose of CoMotion speaking events is to educate students and provide real world perspective on how to prepare for a professional career, while inspiring innovation in the field. Current industry professionals and SCAD alumni will be speaking on relevant topics moderated by the SCAD Motion Media professors.

Keynote: Keep Feeding Fish


LoyalKaspar co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Beat Baudenbacher shares fragments of his journey. From seeker to designer. From believer to leader. He makes the case for why unfunded creative explorations are the backbone of his belief in the creative process. Why it’s important to defend that process against the forces of evil. And why it’s important to give a shit. 


The Art of Direction

MODERATED BY: John Colette & Kelly Carlton

In this session, our panelists explore pathways to successful direction and leadership. Panelists will share their experiences and professional anecdotes in the context of the creative pressures, challenges and opportunities that are faced by art directors, creative directors and designers in leadership positions.


Keeping Up: Meaningful Strategies

MODERATED BY: Austin Shaw & Duff Yong

This panel explores strategies for keeping one’s finger on the pulse of culture and technology, while maintaining a fulfilling work/life balance. How does one capitalize on one’s own expertise while expanding skillsets and interests?


The World of Freelancing

MODERATED BY: Karla Johnson

In this panel, motion designers share insights about the challenges and rewards of freelancing. Topics will range from understanding the hold system, pricing, client relations, problem resolution, and ethics. The panel will provide a forum for reviewing best practices

Keyframing for Change

MODERATED BY: Dominique Elliott & James Gladman

Through the emergence of a socially-conscious generation, what role, if any, do companies play in championing social causes? How does one reconcile financial strains and philanthropy? What are the moral and ethical dilemmas that manifest when approached by clients that are politically or socially adverse to the company’s mission? This panel will discuss strategic creative practices for social good.

Portfolio Reviews

Students will be given the opportunity to meet individually with attending companies to show them their body of work and receive beneficial feedback. For employers this is a great way to get one- on-one time with students to scope out their skill-set, while students are provided with valuable feedback to make their portfolio even stronger.



On Friday evening, Seniors & Graduate students are invited to a private networking social.

All CoMotion attendees are encouraged to join us for the Saturday evening Reception for refreshments and music.