This year is a special one for CoMotion

This year, MOMELOVE is hosting it’s tenth annual conference. This is huge for us because we are nothing more than a bunch of students, albeit, incredibly passionate and driven, however - this conference will be the tenth time we MOMELOVE students will host the event, all on our own.


Each year, MOMELOVE officers and the branding team make something incredible out of nothing.

The title sequence, the website, and the actual conference have each demonstrated that motion designers at SCAD are ready to take on the world. Every year there is a new branding team, so each year CoMotion has a new look. This year, the branding team wanted to do something special to commemorate the tenth CoMotion by designing the entire event with the idea in mind that this is in-fact the tenth conference.

All of the branding you see, from the titles to the website, has been designed with the tenth conference in mind.


One more thing:


CoMotion has seen a lot of amazing design throughout the years. We MOMELOVERS understand how important it is to honor the past so that we can build a better future, here’s to honoring the past.


2018 - Creative Direction by Sofie Lee


2017 - Creative Direction by Joash Berkeley


2016 - Creative Direction by Tim Lingard


2015 - Creative Direction by Taylor English


2014 - Creative Direction by Jay Keeree


2012 - Creative Direction by: Nathan K. Boyd


2011 - Creative Direction by: Jordan Lyle