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Student Showcase

The Annual Student Showcase will be our first event after the opening statement at the SCAD Museum of Art Theater. Students currently enrolled at SCAD are invited to submit their work to the annual student showcase. Work will be judged by top industry professionals and winners will be awarded at the end of the event, honoring the hard work of students.

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Panels & Lectures

Keynote Speaker - Jay Grandin - Giant Ant Partner & Creative Director

10 Things I Wish I’d Learned Sooner

Jay doesn’t know everything, but Jay knows some things. Some of those things took too long to learn and are the result of much sorrow and failure. Here comes some talking about being a human in this crazy industry.

what about freelancing?

Panelists share their experiences as freelancers and staff designers, comparing them while discussing pros and cons, pricing, client relations, conflict resolution, and ethics. Producers and directors on the panel speak to what they are looking for in full-time versus freelance talent so that students can develop a better idea of which is the best route for them.

Motion on the Technological EdGE

Panelists explore the role of motion media designers in emerging technologies including augmented and virtual reality, both of which are transforming digital media delivery. Discussion will include new opportunities, aesthetics, and the expanding impact of interactive and immersive technologies that employ motion media techniques.

Designing in Motion

Panelists discuss how they go from the blank page to an incredible design, revealing essential techniques for creating designs built for motion. Exploration will include the combination of basic design principles and creative storytelling to produce compelling design using a variety of techniques such as illustration, typography, compositing, 3D, and tactile designs.

"Everyone is so well-prepared. We keep coming back to SCAD."

Alumnus Duarte Elvas  |  Sarofsky - Chicago


Portfolio Reviews

Students will be given the opportunity to meet individually with attending companies to show them their body of work and receive beneficial feedback. For employers this is a great way to get one- on-one time with students to scope out their skill-set, while students are provided with valuable feedback to make their portfolio even stronger.

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On Friday evening, Seniors & Graduate students are invited to a private networking social. All CoMotion attendees are encouraged to join us for the Saturday evening Reception for refreshments and music.